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[official] Cracked Servers List
This thread is super old. you can find updates and an actual list here:


Server list.

Please post a reply about your server to get it added to the list. if your server is down for more than about a week, it will get removed.

Quote:1n5aN1aC's server:

no white-list
spawn town under construction
2 regular admins, 1 rare admin.
buy items:

More Servers:
Name:New World
-No Whitelist!
-Constantly Adding new Plugins/testing.
-Server:24/7 freebuild/survival
-Max players: Unknown stable amount of players with mobs and everything currently set to 20 but could be more.
-Server Location: United States:NewYorkCity
-Requires 1.6.6 Client
-For More Information: Go To This Thread For more updates
My Freebuild server Big Grin

Hamachi: LolCraft Password: 123

The Spawn town is under Construction, almost finished with the big spawn house and ive made a Stargate style nether portal room inside a mountain close to spawn. if i get a few players that want to have the server running 24/7 i will do that ^^ now i have it on most of the time. i only got 4 gigs of ram but ive never had any problems hosting the serSmile (gonna upgrade to 12 GB) Its updated to 1.6.6 (bukkit) and have a few currently innstaled plugins such as NoExplode, FullChest, Home tp, sponges and a couple admin tools.

I would Really apreciate u joining my server Smile and if u help me with the spawn town i might make u op Wink

btw my skype is ollii_007 ^^
Name: Iron Helmet
Server will be later 24/ over 9000! when get server PC builded. For now its on in time zone UTC+2 9:00AM-2:00AM
Max players: 10
Server location: Finland
Requires Hamazhi installed. Hamazhi network is: IronHelmet
If IronHelmet is full... do: Network name: IronHelmet2 or 3,4,5
No password needed!
People... Iron Helmet server IP and network is changing.... new network is IronHelmet or IronHelmet2 and no password needed... IP is:
updated for more servers.
(06-17-2011 10:10 AM)1n5aN1aC Wrote: updated for more servers.

Is your server still up? I tried to join it won't work...
Asian Boy Swag Big Grin
this tread is actually super out of date, i should do something about that, but:

server is down for a bit. Something happened with towny, so nothing was protected took the server down for safety. Trying to fix the problem now.
(07-24-2011 04:39 PM)kidguitarist Wrote:
(06-17-2011 10:10 AM)1n5aN1aC Wrote: updated for more servers.

Is your server still up? I tried to join it won't work...

Well obviously something isn't as it seems.
However, my server(s) have been mostly up for quite a while.

See their related status threads in the banner(s) near the top of the forums.
Name: KeplerCraft
Hamachi ID: CybeRXRooM
Hamachi Password: xzl123
Server IP:
Max Players: 20
Server Loction: Croatia
Version: 1.0.0


If CybeRXRooM is full then try CybeRXRooM1, CybeRXRooM2... til you get in.Password will be the same.

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