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[Server-Direct] (no hamachi) 24/7 RAID/MMORPG server! 100 slot, PvP, Factions and iCONOMY
This is not my server im simply promoting itBig Grin ip: IS UP!
Here is a link to the forums!
We are a large and growing community always looking for new members!
Rules -

~ No hacking!
This includes clients that give you an illegitimate advantage over other players whether it be fly hacks to texturepacks.
~ No swearing!
We allow the odd swear but please no excessive cursing or derogatory comments as you are well aware many young kids play minecraft and I doubt it would be appreciated if they learnt some new words.

~ Be Ethical
Don't be a miserable and unwelcoming user, let new people know they're welcome and greet them occasionally when they join. Things like this and just generally being kind get you a [Respected] rank as does being a regular/online user.

~ Respect all players!
Treat people with respect as they would to you, if they insult you ignore them, don't start a huge war solely on insults. Be mature and welcome people when they join, perhaps help them out, give them a place to stay in your faction. This not only helps members in and allows the server to keep a good reputation, and you move more and more forward to getting a [Respected] Rank!

raiding will be allowed in the future!

There will be events like spleefing and many more in the server so be sure to look out for those!

Plugins -
- Jobs
- iConomy
- Chestshop
- Groupmanager
- Essentials
- Factions
- Worldedit
- Worldguard
- NoCheat
100 slot minecraft server with PvP, Factions and ICONOMY
now some pics!
[Image: jb4402.png]
[Image: k49xxw.png]
[Image: 34ood9x.png]
[Image: o0vyua.png]
[Image: r0xhg0.png]
[Image: 34rjfie.png]
[Image: server_18105.png]
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
[Image: 2012-03-21_171834.png]
[Image: 2012-03-21_172020.png]

Couple of random screenshots of some builds on the server. This one's a mob arena (made by me, but the spawn pads are FVDisco's design, with the down-sliding floor. The redstone is all my design), has increasing difficulty, rewards, and has a proximity sensor to trigger it when someone warps in.
"Nine out of ten Americans believe that out of ten people, one American will always disagree with the other nine."

[Image: 2myvqzq.jpg]
Added Pictures to the post!Big Grin
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
server up and verified by admin.
Sorry for any inconvenience server is now premium but are deciding whether to get a cracked server to so if we dont i will remove the thread =/
ps. which also means i will prob get mc so i can play on your server in5 Big Grin
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